Tuesday, December 29, 2009

की वफ़ा हमसे तो ग़ैर उसे जफ़ा कहते है

होती आई है के अच्छों को बुरा कहते हैं

The Dualism Of Mind And Body

Milan Kundera has said , in one of his story 'Hitchhiking game' of 'laughable loves' through female character that mind knows about right and wrong. it continuatly suggest that whatever you are going to do is not very benefecial for you but at very same time body forces to participate whole-heartdly.

Yesterday I saw a dream in which I was enjoying the company of a girl. I was compelling her to involve sexually with me with the infomation that she has interralated her all such kind of activities with a rigid moral values. I was damn sure that she was wrong in behavoural perspective and this is a kind of backwardness and nothing else. But at very same time i wanted to respect her innocency and goodness. And in return, I wanted free her and continue a good relation without sex. Even i decided many time in her absent that I will do so. But whenever she was coming aroun me, I was diverted and forced to do very samething which could create problem for her and for me as well.

Friday, December 25, 2009

आप आये तो खयाले दिले नाशाद आया