Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kashmir asks your stand when atrocities would take place against you

On Tuesday night my mobile blinked, displaying a message. Opening the message, I got to know that a journalist forwarded an appeal of ‘Jago Hindu Jago’ with a breaking news “J&K me amaranth Yatra ke virodh me Kashmiri muslmano ne Srinagar me KC Road sthit Shiv Mandir Jalaya, media bekhabar”.

Death of any youth disturbs a whole village, city or the big arena wherever the information reaches. Means death of a youth is not normal information, like death of an old man, even in the case of natural death. According to news coming through various 24X7 TV news channels and newspapers, 11 youths have been killed in Jammu & Kashmir by CRPF in last fifteen days.

I am quite surprised viewing Indian intelligentsia as mute spectators in the whole scenario. What more they want for their valuable response? Their deafening silence on the issue raises a lot of question on their honesty and their right to intervene in any social or political issue.

Are people not facing problem in breathing with this information that 11 youth in a democratic country have been gunned down, being accused of pelting stones on the personnel?

P Chidambaram, Home Minister of the country, has defended the killing of youth on the name of conspirators who are engaged in dismantling the Indian state. Police authority guard justifies its move, with the logic that the youth irked the CRPF, which compelled them to open fire on them.

On the other hand, Omar Abadullah, Chief Minister of J&K, has showing his concern over the incident states that Indian security forces have gone out of control. Though, he would be forced to nil-down very soon by Indian Sumo politicians.

I am requesting all of you to please consider the options on humanistic ground which a Kashmiri can have in such conditions. We all want that Kashmir should be the part of Indian state. But, just think for a minute, if such atrocities occur in UP, MP or any other state, would we support Indian state blindly?

The state has forgotten all the space for its citizens. We are only safe until we do not come in the path of their development knowingly or unknowingly. Though they also avoid confrontation and perform all their works surreptitiously but while going for toilet even if we become evident of their wrong doing, they will crush us without giving a bit concern of our dream of living.

Now, how is it expected that our relatives would be raped, killed and we should maintain the silence and stay back at our homes. We have also only two options either to come outside from the comfortable zone with the risk of maximum negative consequences or sit in room. Be honest, is it possible to sit in, and maintain silence with the information regarding murder and rape of our relatives?

They request the rebellions, not to pick the gun against the state and then they invite outfits on the table to resolve the problem. But, have they picked anyone with a motive to resolve the conflict on breakfast table till date, who followed the path of peace and carrying different opinions from the power. ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’ could be considered as a perfect example under which people are struggling for their basic rights to live, for more than 20 years but the Indian government has not invited them to discuss the problem hitherto.

I think the puzzling situation of Kashmir valley really is in demand of intervention of the Indians without heeding state and religion, if we are really honest with our wish that Kashmir should be the part of the country.

Whatever power the country is having, if such conspiracy of saving temples and mosques would continue and we would be deviated from the information about the beauty of Kashmir valley would be left far behind.

So, in the condition of any such atrocities with Kashmiries or anyone else, we will have to raise our hands before the victims of these atrocities raise their hands and pick the gun. We could expect maintaining peace from the victims only after giving our effort in their favour.

I have had a problem in breathing as I came to know the information and don’t know what more I want.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

System wants to change us as animal

On Monday evening, a very strong thunder squall and dust storm killing a youth in Mayur Park of the Bhopal city. The youth, Ashish Jawalkar was reportedly sitting under the tree with a girl.

It was around 7.15 pm, the tree under which he was sitting fell on him causing his death but the girl was lucky to escape from any injuries and by the time there is no information about the girl, who she is and from where she belongs.

The news was being discussed in media galore in which girl's disappearance was an issue with a touch of taunt on their relation like which kind of girl, she would be, that even in such condition, she has left her......

Really this is question, what forced that girl to leave the place even her friend was critically injured? A lot of probable answer could be discussed in the response. In first glance, the girl could be accused of cruelty and following inhuman behavior.

But I think no body could leave anyone in such crucial condition even he is known or unknown to him/her. And if female counterpart has done, what forces would be working there?

And in second incident, Monica belonging from Gujjar community and her husband Kuldeep Singh (a rajput) were gunned down at their rented house in Delhi on the name of family honour. The couple eloped four years ago from the village Wazirpur and after court marriage they appraoched Ashok Vihar police station the very next day and demanded protection.

Even Apex Court of the country has scolded the police and other government institution for facilitating such incident after behaving like a mute spectator. Means this democratic system is completely in the want of destroy the real self of ours.

So, viewing all these condition how could we blame that girl for behaving like animals? We could praise them who are standing strongly with their self but whoever have lost their basic traits of personality they could not be questioned rather there is a need to empathize them. They are also in big trouble and have lost the basic struggle of justifying even their ideal-self. Just think how that girl would perceive her did in the situation and how she would be justifying herself.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Virus of 'ur', percieved in my behavior

I appeared in the paper of ‘Electronic Media’ on Thursday and noticed an interesting change in my writing skills, which forced me to think.

Initially, I started to write with the confidence because question paper was giving smile for those people who came to appear after tough preparation of the paper. I completed four questions within two hours and one question was remaining to complete and one hour was still left.

Don’t know why I was in mood to enjoy the time but was lacking the option to enjoy. Even I threw few comments for teachers, went washroom and also went through daydreaming. In the whole process, I forgot that one-hour means not having the ownership of complete world.

The bell (informing only 15 minutes are left) rang then I realized that I have completed only half of the question within 45 minutes and half remaining was still left to complete.

I jumped in the normal challenge to complete half of remaining part. It was quite normal that my speed was a bit fast comparatively. Then, I noticed that I am struggling with my one of behavior about which I was not aware till the time.

When words like ‘Your’ were coming in the writing, I was writing like ‘ur’ a SMS language. It occurred continuously and I was either erasing the already written word or taking a pause while such words are coming in the writing, so that such mistakes could be avoided.

Now, I am thinking that I am not the person who enjoy typing message and also avoid sending it. Then how have I learned these habits? What would be the process of learning such flaws in personality? And if I am not unique on the earth (I know I am not) then the most important that how easy to learn these things which unhealthy for our cultures, traditions and languages?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exam is going on and teachers are at war front

Season of exam is going on in Makhanlal and we, student of the university suffering during the time. the most important thing in the whole scene is that except one or two (i have not met hitherto to anyone) all of the students are lacking enthusiasm regarding exam.

Its is quite tough to decode the whole pattern of examination held in the Country in few words but in first glance it looks boring. What to say, even in examination hall we are lacking energy while writing even after having sufficient content to write.

Though teachers behave like they are on the war front and they would not allow us to involve in cheating but unfortunately we even lack the energy and necessity to cheat. I think they just try to percieve their relevance in the system, as they behave in class.

The most interesting incident occured  during the session in the university that students dont show interest in class and avoid to attend but teachers gather them anyhow for teach. I experieced here that many teachers accept that these studies are irrelevant regarding the field struggle what a journalist has to face during job but even after they force students to attend class. They just request (rather in hindi gidgidana).

I percieve it as their search of their relevance in the role of teacher and justification of earning thousands of ruppees per month on the name of teaching and nothing else.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rajneeti: Too many characters make the movie chaotic

I heartly welcome Aparna on this blog '' and request that please continue your contribution to enrich this.

 Recently, I saw Rajneeti, a much hyped and long awaited movie of Praksh Jha released on June 04. Though it’s our exam time but we preferred to watch it.

The movie seems a bit hodge-podge due to excess of incidents and the events. Either the time period is shorter or the movie is very fast. When we are just recuperating from a violent scene before that, gunfire occurs in the movie again. It does not give us the time to understand the things properly. The scenes of blood and gore in the film seem exaggerating at some points.

It is not expected from a director like Prakash Jha to correlate the movie to Mahabharata. Correlating is not a bad thing but just doing it on each point seems a little irritating. Due to this theme line the movie lacks originality. People were predicting it similar or near to Nehru Gandhi family, but it was not, instead it took us back to the Mahabharata era. Especially, when Nana Patekar preaches Ranbeer Kapoor to kill his enemy in the same way, Lord Krishna did to Arjuna in the Mahabharata. Though the story keeps you bounded to the movie but the incidents tend to prove the story as Asatya par Satya ki vijay.

One lose point of the movie is all the three cases when the characters, Bharati, Indu and Sara all get pregnant just going once on the physical relationship.

None can deny the song Mora Piya mo se…..the song is best suited at its timing and is very touching. As we can see this song has come to the lips of all. The music of the film is good.

Manoj Vajpayee has acted extraordinarily well, despite the presence of the actors like Naseeruddeen Shah and Nana Patekar, he has dominated the scene. Ranbeer kapoor has acted very well and has carved out a new image for himself from the image of a chocolaty and romantic hero. He has done a terrific job in the movie. Ajay Devgan could not remind us of his acting in his previous movies like, Apaharan or Gangajal.

Some times it seems as if the movie is going predictable but even after every thing the ending remains unpredictable, this is the best thing with the movie.

The thing that I am writing right now or we discussed after the movie was that there are too many characters make the situations chaotic; I had predicted when I saw its promos few days ago.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In a daily life even a lot of things are worth showing through cinema

I saw a movie ‘The White Balloon’ of Jafar Panahi on May 30. This movie was released in year 1995.

Two things I noticed in the movie, first one is the Iranian approach of cinema is a bit mature compared to Indian approach and the second one was the similarity between this movie and ‘Children of Heaven’ of Majid Mazidi.

Firstly I would like to discuss the similarity between these two movies. Both of the movies are very focused on children and their conflict. Here it would be also pertinent to mention that ‘The White Balloon’ was released in year 1995 and ‘Children of Heaven’ in year 1998. And there is a maximum probability that the ‘Children of Heaven’ would be inspired by the ‘The Balloon’.

In both of movie childish issues and conflict have been raised which is not even worth noticing among mature people. But those conflicts are sufficient to spoil the present moment. Even people who suffered from those moments also feel that it was childish approach to give that much attention to such cheap issue at later stage. But at that very time, it is all for them and it occurs continuously till the end of life in different colours.

In this movie, a little girl (7) wants golden fish to celebrate New Year which is about to start within few hours but her mother does not allow her the purchase the fish. Her continuous demands and presenting logic in her favour and becoming hopeless from different activities of her mother shows the realities of life. Later, her 2 to 3 years older brother persuades mother and gets success in making the mother ready for funding the golden fish. The mother directs her son to take a note of Rs 500 from the purse which is the total amount she is having to celebrate the New Year festival knocking at the door.

The little girl forces her brother that she self would go to purchase the golden fish of worth Rs 100 and bring the remaining money. Means she would have to return remaining Rs 400 to the family. She rushed for the market and in the mid, this money felt in drainage lastly after many ups and downs of path in between. Now the conflict become starts to get money back.

Both the child actors have performed well, especially the girl is outstanding. Panahi has managed to command his nerves while tracing the minute emotions of daily life. This is the success of the movie and Iranian cinema also which is able to show the daily life conflict which means a lot in the life of common man. Big things rare occurred in life but journey of life continues to run and guided by these tiny incidents and utmost without the so called big event of Indian Cinema. But recently Indian cinema has also shown good indications with ‘Khoshla ka ghosla’ and likes that few routine life problems of society could also be the subject of the bollywood.