Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Kalyugi Karna and Dearth of Hockey

It appears that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has immense affection for the sports, that’s why he is hurling money on national men and women hockey team. He has emerged as the divine power to save the national game. It’s nice! He has also requested the politicians to keep sports far from their political ambit. Wow! We have got a Daanveer Karna in this Ghanghor Kalyug even.

This generation hasn’t seen such kind of great politician so I think we are unable to digest it. What about you? You may. But I can’t.

Once I with one of my good friends did reporting on the tragedy of hockey in state capital in the first weak of October last year for our weekly lab journal ‘Vikalp’. (This is the toughest reporting, I have done hitherto.)

And what we found after the reporting that ‘All India Obedulla Khan Gold Hockey tournament’ a dear event for the state hasn’t been taking place since 2003 due to the local politics. Organizing this tournament was the matter of proud for Bhopal in the past and was impossible to even imagine any national or international team without players from the state. All the credit goes to the charm of this tournament in the state behind such perception.

Two people Gufran-e-azam and Dhruvnarayan Singh, one is pro-Congress and the other is pro-BJP and both led the Bhopal Hockey Federation with their own concepts. Both of them claim that the federation they lead is real one and due to this ongoing conflict hockey Bhopal is being played in the court instead of ground since 2003.

Here the great lover of sports and Masiha, Chouhan replaced Babulal Gaur and became Chief Minister of the MP on November 29, 2005. Since then he is the ruling authority of the state and he hasn’t taken a single step to regain the pride state has lost.

But without giving single effort for the state sports he is ready to do everything for national sports. What is this? Just try to understand.. The stimulus package he provided to the team and federation to eradicate the unhealthy situation of female hockey players and he was also trying to take credit in male hockey team’s crisis

Or just go through a new angle, he was just about to win the game means after gorgeous gain of credit, in male hockey team without giving single penny because federation denied his help. He was trapped after opening a Pandora’s Box referring to hockey from which he was not aware of, by women hockey team practicing now –a-days in Sai Center of Bhopal which is one of the products of the box. And now under compulsion he is taking suo motto action with pseudo kindness.

One more information would be pertinent here that former Chief Minister of MP, Digvijay Singh, CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati with many others have also announced for some support to the really suffering sport. It means politicians and their politics have been involved after Chouhan’s initiative. But what is wrong! If Chouhan can surge himself, why cant the others…..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 idiot: An idiotic justification of incompetency

Talking about, the most successful film, referring to revenue collection in the history of bollywood and controversial over idea theft, movie ‘3 Idiots’, is quite tough. Even Taran Adarsh and other critics of cinema have revealed their surprise about the success of ‘3 Idiots’. Undoubtedly, such kinds of responses from the critical side of the movie convey its normality and nothing else. I mean that Amir Khan’s ‘3 idiot’ is not extra-ordinary movie to think over it. But the Box-office collection of the movie compels to talk and engross our selves to find out the reason behind the success of the movie.

Rather reliability of critics can be questioned and my dependency on them as well, but none can deny the fact that this movie is far behind from Aamir’s other movies like ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Tare Jamin Par’ and all.

‘3 idiots’ is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘Five Point Someone’ in which the relevancy of education system of the country has been criticized on basis of producing rattu-mulls. Though, it’s being denied by creative team of the movie. Whatever it is not the matter of discussion here. Our focus of concern would be to find out why this movie is that much hit (revenue collection, farce criteria to check a movie).

The question is which kind of criteria should be followed in schools and colleges so that rattu-mulls should be stopped from coming in scene or to push anti- rattu team one-step ahead so that our education system can be justified. I think this is the lack of competency of anti- rattu team which is demanding reservation for pushing them on apex with their incompetency. I am not supporting the on-going education system in the country because lacunae in Maikale’s gift to India are well identified and there is need to work over it.

But I think those who-ever are managing themselves according to present education system are not joker rather more competent and flexible to adjust anywhere. And they are proving it while working in the field. May be they are working with private-organizations and instead of the proper utilization of their talent they are forced to work as money making machines. That’s different thing but their flexibility and competency can’t be denied.

Simultaneously, people who are unable to fold themselves according to the available system can’t be justified after raising fingers on system. And who can predict that these incompetent people could adjust in different education system in a better manner. It’s a matter of rationalize thinking and honest as well after rejecting personal instinct of justifying.

The second thought related to issue is how far film-makers are from the problem of the mass. In the movie, students have denied adopting the present curriculum of study in the leading of Rancho (Aamir Khan) in the movie. It’s good to go for personal interest because to do justice with self. Undoubtedly anyone can perform better with his/her first choice compared to a second one. And even monetarily failed with the favorite periphery of self could be justified in this zone of discussion.

In the movie, Rancho, the leader of this campaign rejects the system impressively and disappears from the scene. When he is being searched by his friends accompanied by his girl friend too...Their would be common expectation from the viewer’ side that Rancho wouldn’t lost the struggle even after going to verge of destroy financially. This is the state where viewers could relate themselves from him because all denials of system are not able to transform it in success rather percentage of such success is incredibly less. But he appears as a scientist in the climax of movie with very film end.

Few facts are also available which discredit the movie worth such gain, what ever it has got, like the repetition of his feeble emotions. We can consider here the usages of orphans and orphanage in ‘3 idiots’ after its use in ‘Tare Jamin Par’. What does he try to show handicaps children with him not in normal look but with their disturbing look? It’s shameful for the so called perfectionist, innovator and intellectual of our own bollywood. Aamir’ effort to sensitize viewers in this manner shows his command over the on-going problems of mass now days….rather we can discuss it later why it is ethically wrong.

So, after such kind of lacunas, why movie has got that much success at the box-office! Notably there is not anything special (outstanding) in the movie referring to music, comedy and other aspects which contribute in the success of any movie. We can go through two dimensions to catch the bird which has made it excellent and worth earning over Rs 350 crore.

One is the marketing in newly emerged mall culture with providing maximum possible print at the date of release and the second is youths who have found themselves failure in this education system but perceiving it wrongly using hard-workers and flexible personalities as scapegoat to express their anger.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How government would be apprised about plight of time!

Potti Sriramulu led the separation of Andhra Pradesh as first linguistic province in India almost six decades ago by a fast unto death. This as initials paved the way for separation of states on the basis of language.
Telangana Rashtra Samiti president K Chandrasekhar Rao’s recent fast unto death again pushed the government to take action, in same fashion. We have to wait and watch for the tentative result of his fast, because there are many forces working which can affect the related result.
But ‘fast unto death’ is again on forefront as a weapon in democracy. One question is emerging that, is it right to go for such kind of practice especially to pressurize the government for any demand. It can be said in the response that people are not using it for the betterment of human society, rather their ultimate goal is to hone their political career and it ends each and every possibilities of dialogue between parties involved in conflict.
Mr. M K Gandhi also used it in 1914 to protest against the racial laws of South Africa and it became the central feature of all his protest in India as well. But in that stratum of philosophical and political arena it is articulated as an instrument to purify self and tame all the evil forces, which comes in between path of truth.
Here allegation is that, such kind of deliberately denial of food is not being used to restrict the negativity of self rather for political gain. But the unfortunate part of the whole scene is that all the effort which is putting pressure on government, is being perceived as the weapon of political gain. That may be any sort of agitation which is not favoring the government.
In country like India, where democracy is in practice, as a tool of governance in which common mass is loosing each and every technique to oppose the government. Not by the force only, but also by the emotional atyachar (ethical and emotional teaching) on the name of country and its development.
Government (power) is free to fall up to any extent without any restriction. We can consider Neelofar and Asiya rape and murder case in Sophian for example. All the evidences were systematically and deliberately fabricated, tampered and destroyed to conceal the truth. The role, and so that the nature of state was exposed there, where, those Sophian ladies are still struggling for their last right to die with dignity even after their death.
On the name of contribution in so called democracy, a common person of the country has the right to vote and select his/her representatives. Importance of that single vote can be easily understood by a simple survey among voters that what they think while going to vote and which kind of forces direct their voting. And interesting point is that people have to use that power of vote efficiently and maintain a sort of killing silence so that normalcy and dialogue between parties could be possible, as per the demand and expectation of the government.
The opposition to use fast as a weapon to present our discontentment is leading us to the conclusion that, as the citizens of India we have no way to demand, present our wish and oppose the wrong doing of power. We are only entitled to live like mute spectators, in biggest democracy of the world, even after the encroachments in our personal ambit.