Friday, January 21, 2011

MP government is indifferent with farmers' suffering

While, plight of farmers in Madhya Pradesh provoking them to take extreme step, State government’s dilly-dallying is continue regarding any concrete step to ease the situation.

Shiv Prasad, committed suicide in CM's home district

In the scene when frost hit ruined crop, especially Arahar has taken 12 lives so far across the State in last fifteen days, the State government has used all excuses to escape from the responsibility.  

When first case of suicide surfaced in the state around January 5 in which a debt-ridden farmer poured kerosene and burned himself alive in his fields, the government came aggressively to show that there is no loan sanctioned in any bank on the name of this particular farmer.

Subsequently, the media in its rare aggressive role cracked the hidden character of money-lenders (which are not hidden at all in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and in other states) who are the responsible for the deteriorating scene.

 Subsequent to the long tussle and dilly-dallying, the government announced that the entire loan given by private parties would be considered now null and void.

The announcement does not refer that the government of Swarnim State did not know the fact earlier or changed the mint and instantly became pro-farmer.

The anti-human approach of the government touched height when its Agriculture Minister Ram Krishna Kusumharia, MLA from the district Damoh, where maximum number of farmers lost their lives, claimed that the farmers were paying for the sins of their forefathers. 
Agriculture Minister Kusumharia

How did he explained his statement, take a look. “The farmers are paying for their past sins.  They have been using chemical fertilizers so much that the soil has lost all fertility."

This was the statement the government came forward with after the death of seven farmers in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. The youngest was 27 and the oldest was 70.
When, the toll of total death reached nine or ten, the government reacting to the media outrageous cry, announced sweet-sounding compensations. But the suicidal attempt taken by farmers was heading to reveal the reality of the government very busy in puja-path. Even on Thursday, the agriculture minister was busy in puja, something at big level. When journalists ask about the purpose, when farmers are reeling and dying in the State. He responded that Lord Ram would smooth the situation.

In the process of announcement, Chief Minister of State Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the self-claimed kisan ka beta announced loan on one percent interest for farmers, but to no avail.

The question rise that if the government is that much honest regarding welfare of farmer society and converting the State in swarnim one. Then, why situation is continuously worsening. The answer is quite simple. The entire effort is nothing but to silent media and those who are very dependent over media for shaping their own perception about reality.

All the announcements of the government carry certain criteria which would be tough to fulfill for the farmers. Like, categorization of wrecked crop and distribution of compensations accordingly.

As, the bureaucrats, who are supposed to implement all those announcements are worthless. It has been proved already. Damaged crops are not in their ownership, so that they could maximise the loss and recovered as much money as they can. Rather, they would distribute money for only two purpose, one to rich their pocket and also to butter their Aakas. Not more than that.

In recent news, a farmer of Chirkhan village in Harda district Hariom Patel returned the cheque of Rs 16,000. He claims that he has lost the crop of 25 acres and the compensation amount is nothing but beggary and he is not begging at all.