Sunday, September 19, 2010

Completed half-century of by-line news

Yesterday, I have got my 50th by-line news, working as a reporter in the English daily, ‘The Pioneer’ in Bhopal.

Getting by-line was not as easy a task as it sounds. Many ups and downs at emotional and physical front come in the path of getting by-line. It is surely tough job to mention each and every thing, but I know if it could be penned, would be a good piece to be read.

One thing could convey the story of whole scene of getting by-line. When I was probably on 40th or 41st, thought that I would write a blog-post after completing the half-century and after that I failed to get even a single by-line for almost a month. A time came, when I was about to leave the job. Do you know friends; this was the issue hurting me most at that time that the target of completing a half century will be left unachieved

So, completing the half-century in the field of by-lines was tougher than the Sachin’s one in the cricket against Pakistan or Australia. He just has to struggle physically and that too for just two to three hour, under a pressure but, in my case I struggled for so long, on every front including intellect, physical effort and emotional front as well to achieve the target.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A scene from the flooded Pakistan

The photograph was published in the English daily, 'The Hindu' on September 7, which depicts the tragic scene of people entrapped  in the flood in Pakistan. The pertinent information here is that, these children belong from the country, which embarks at every front but has failed to deliver the basic amenities to protect human dignity.