Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Role of Media and Naxal Problem of Country


It is disgusting that none of the media organization is raising the issue that now security forces are using common man as their Dhal in conflict zone of security forces and naxalites. Many of the organizations are showing the tragic incident as one more brutality prformed by the extremist group.

But I feel the armed forces are more responsible for the killing of innocent people. This is because even after knowing the fact that they could be attacked any time by the rebellion group they boarded in the bus in which common people were traveling.

As per the report published in a national daily newspaper, driver of the particular bus requested to the personnel to not board in the bus. But they refused to listen anything.

Here it is tough to say anything but if armed forces repeated such sort of mistakes it would be perceived as their strategies to combat with the naxal problem. As a citizen of India I firmly condemn using common man to save their anus.


Now again media is performing its duty related to the naxal problem of the country. After the incident occurred at the Dantewada in which around 35 people have been killed in the attack by naxalites.

On May 18, I was in a hotel for the dinner and saw that a visual is continuously flashing on the screen of Aaj Tak news channel in which relation between naxalites and Lashkar-E-Tayyaiba (a terrorist group), has been claimed by the IB, an intelligence bureau of the country.

Today, on May 19, I went through Hindustan Times and my perception that this famous newspaper is involve in the lobbying against the naxalites, became stronger. I think this is the most vulgar thing about any media organization if it is involved in such cheap things. Here it would be pertinent to say that I have not counted hindi media, except two or three like Jansatta and NDTV, while using the word media organization.

HT has published many human-interest stories about the deceased of the earlier incident in which about 76 police were killed. It was continuously tried to create an impression like anti-human as the the consequence of the naxalite cruelity by this renowned media organization. Even in my class I saw that many of my batch mates were expressing their hi in the response of brutality of the extremist group.

In all stories published in the HT were presenting the mourn and grief of the families which lost their family members. But this so-called pro human organization has not published even a single story referring to the problem faced by the naxlite family.

If these organizations are honest, they should come forward with both aspects of the coin. They should also represent the panic situation of the naxalite families then the problem could be solved.