Monday, November 29, 2010

Premonition of the death and Indian State

The very bollywood story, in which a person predicts that police is going to kill him in an encounter and desperately seeks the help of Indian state, but fails to get any. Ultimately, promising police of the State kills him in exactly the same manner in which he predicted his death to be staged.

Though, I am scared that the patriotic society could term my comment as sedition to the country, but I am talking about the very same patriotic society, which conspirated the murder of a person, whom I am talking about.

Ultimately, he is killed and the great judiciary remained a mute spectator in the whole scene and denied help even to the person.

The third party, which also claims itself, a patriot, defends the murder mystery, stating that anyhow a criminal has been killed and allow these real criminals in khaki and other such dressed to continue their gundagardi.

On Saturday, a national newspaper, citing the document of CBI, published a news item in which Tulsiram Prajapati, the sharpshooter from Ujjain and Sohrabuddin Sheikh’s accomplice predicted his stage killing in front of court, but to no avail.

The document says that a month before he was killed, Prajapati told the Ahmedabad

Principal Judge, that the police would help him to escape from the custody and then kill him framing it as an encounter.

As he did not get any relief in the term of proper security from the court, police accounts of the night of December 26-27, 2006, record that Prajapati escaped from the custody of his four-man police escort on his way back from the Ahemdabad to Udaipur and he was tracked and killed two days later in an encounter.

Reading the story, the only thought which haunted me was that what would have been the psychological state of the person who was living in the continuous fear of being killed. I was unable to think history and geography of the case. Just consider that what step could save his life at that moment.

Even after giving his complete, if he failed to receive any help from all part of so called welfare state, either judiciary or anything else. Subsequently, what the impression he, his relatives and people like me would have made of India.