Friday, February 19, 2010

its time to enjoy that hooligans party is on backfoot

After a long time, i am writing on the blog. Though too many things are awaited to take a concrete form but this hectic schedule of a journalistic life.!.....sometimes I ask  myself that would my whole life be the same, as going  at present.

Many attention seeking incidents happened during this period in which controversy between Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thakery and Shahrukh was the prominent one..

After with the firm believe that movie 'My Name Is Khan' is not a movie worth watching in Mmultiplexes and cinema halls, it could say that  Shahrukh's approach is really admirable because we have seen a lot of people like Big B, Aamir Khan and many others along with central and state government, who have surrenderd easily against these hooliguns of society but he stood by his statement .

Interestingly, this is the first time hitherto in my life when i have seen these chirkuts in their original form means as loosing one. Literally friends, I was dam confident whenever saw them doing chircutai  that if any one who lives even little bit influence  on society could crush them very easily. Atlast it happend..he has forced hooligans party to put fingure on their lips..have you people seen them ever like this....really it is nice....
When I was in Benaras, I wrote a letter to Amitabh Bachan when he critisized the "Slumdog Millionaire" and sent it in a national  magazine...but it wasnt published...Now I am attaching  that article here..if it is little bit long..if you people have time go through it... and at last I would try to visit my blog with some content continuously...

An open letter to Big B
Mr. Amitabh Bachhan ji,

I hope and have massive desire that you would and should be fine. Sir, I am your all time flatterer and these days very much free. Due to this undesired extra freedom, insects of my brain are running to and fro.

Now, there is a question in my mind and I‘ve keen yearning to share it with you, i.e. what is the purpose of any form of art, including cinema also? It raised in my mind when ‘The White Tiger’, a book written by Arvind Adiga, was honoured with ‘Man-Booker’. Following that incident, there was common murmuring all around that only those books get appreciation by western society which depict the negative aspect of India. It wasn’t even faded completely when ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was released and again our Indian society was stimulated. But, when I read your comment about this movie, was really forced to think ‘what and why it is!’.

Sir ji, as a veteran artist, please decipher what is the sole purpose of any form of art. Is it only entertainment or anything else? While replying, a puzzle should hammer your mind that how eighty to eighty-five percent of Indian populace can be entertained as they are deprived, malnutrient, sexually frustrated and life-long struggler for basics.

I firmly believe that none can provide them that entertainment, what they really want. So, people like you, create placebo and because of human entity (I guess you and your counterparts, both are social being) go through those plots which are related to our society.

Sir ji, even you have smacked the ultimate flavor of success by this way. You are star of millennium because of your angry-young-man character, not anything else. Sir, try to recall what was your position before ‘janzeer’ and what happened all of a sudden after release of this movie. This, means angry-young-man, formula was used by you frequently in upcoming future. Isn’t it? Sir, say honestly – have you given a single moment to think ‘what was special in that character and why it was heartily accepted by big Indian society’.

In my view, Indian common people were befooled and stupefied after independence when they got themselves in same trap with different hunter. While struggling for freedom these Indian cognition had had some innocent dreams. But post freedom result wasn’t according to them. They found themselves deceived. Now, they wanted to pacify their anger and fight with social culprit like thekedar, sahukar, neta, whoever they were. But they were unable because of their commonness. They were loosing even the hope of betterment and sinking in frustration. Suddenly they saw a common man with few uncommon traits. Means, a person related to their society but he had special voice quality instead of common fumbleness, which could be listened any type of fracas and also a big personality which couldn’t be hidden with any conspiracy in any hubbub even. He was busy in same activities what they wanted, means to fight with culprits. He was vijay (few exceptions are also present) and also conquering and satisfying the common man’s ego.

You earned your desired and changed your party. Now, you re a don of underworld (family), a thief who is planning for a bank-robbery to use blind people (aankein). We are shocked just like a person who has been left out after huge promises by his beloved. Please don’t tell, it is part of an actor’s life to do every type of role. Of course, we know and really appreciate it. But what are you doing in real life?

We perceive you as a ‘chora Ganga kinare wala’ and also as an artist, not as politician (this is a type abuse these days). When previous assembly election of U.P. was going to held. We were forced to watch your gibing from hoardings at every crossing and streets. While cycling, tired from desponding daily struggle, we were watching you with using ‘uttam pradesh’ instead of our uttar pradesh. I can confidently say that even you can’t imagine which type of anguish it generated in our heart. Do you know, after that election when new government joined assembly, declared that if a single person famished in state, district authority shall suffer, from which victim will be related. Are you getting sir ji, which type of uttam pradesh it was!

How easily you apologized in front of Bal Thackeray! It was the head line of every newspaper in this region. We are unable to understand what was wrong in Jaya’s (a member of upper house of parliament) statement? If she wants to feel proud on Hindi, she should. It is the fundamental right of each and every Indian to feel affection and express him/her self in any language. I think, if you are even little-bit honest to your donors, you and your family should show ultimate respect towards Hindi because whatever you and your family have earned that is totally due to Hindi. Hindi hasn’t been proved as lucrative for anyone in whole human-history as for you.

When flagrancy was going on in Maharashtra, all eyes who have made you the darling of whole India, were looking towards you with wretched hope. But you abased them in a fraction of moment in front of those fiends who are shamelessly busy in ‘divide and rule’ on the name of caste, religion, language, state and many more. I don’t know what scared you. You are as tall (as an actor) that they can’t even reach to you. What they can do at most? They can divert and stop some people to watch your movie for six month or a year. But you should be confident and believe in your potential. None can stop your flatterers to meet to you by cinema to long period. How they‘ll fulfill people’s thrust of watching their favourite. (For a moment, imagine if you can be scared from these culprits with abundance of security and facility, what would be our situation!). You should also understand the common men’s psyche. They are very much same and have similar type of struggle whether they are of Maharashtra, U.P., Bihar or any other state.

Here, it should be clear, we aren’t demanding that you should represent us (Bhaiya) rather we feel proud when we see you as an apple of whole Indian eyes. But that case was demanding something to you. We have exorbitant rage against them, we are fluttering with anger. But what can we do. These flippant leaders are defending their trivial work on name of struggle of Maharashtrian people. It is extreme of shamelessness. If they have any problem with seats, reservations…if they really feel that others have snatched their rights, they should fight with shame height. They are targeting those, who are already a victim of system and they haven’t time even from searching basics to think all about. They aren’t aware of what is going in background. We were entitled to listen only these lines from you through media. But you didn’t and what did, it was heart-breaking for us.

If you can’t lead us why are you misleading? How can you criticize ‘Slumdog millionaire’ on the basis of selling poverty or showing only negative part of India! I would like to know positivity of India to you. My respected friend, you aren’t aware with statistics. Only ten to fifteen percent of people have hired all the resources of this country. They have profound money. Their children are taking education abroad, have every luxury of life. Despite this, they are scared of unknown evils and moving this to that temple. Do you to represent them as you are doing now a days. But what about rest of population! They are the real India, sir ji.

A million dollar question is why are you not making this type of movie? Are you not aware with begging children, abusive police, rag-pickers and slums? Have you not heard about those rackets which are involved to make children blind and force to beg? I think communal-frenzy isn’t a big issue anymore in our great India. Whatever we have seen in reality is more heinous, brutal and disgusting than ‘Slumdog millionaire’. Ample of Indian mass have huge reluctance with their destiny. They know very well that it isn’t real and desired; they are the victim of some intrigue.

Then again few question raise here, how will we get platform? Who will raise our voice? How will ruling class know about our panic situation to work further? Although it is quite tough to say they will work for that. Now we have realized, you at least won’t do this job because you are very much busy to digest your gigantic appetite (Hazmola, koi bhi behana chalega to fir yahi behana kyo nhi). Then, why are you disrupting those people who are coming forward to present us? After being a foreigner, they are trying to give us their voice. Why are you not receiving these activities in such manner? I think rather complaining, we should show our gratitude and under obligation to them.

Now, time has been changed. Your angry-young-man formula won’t work in this era. Situation is more complex than seventy’s decades. Revolution of information technology has changed scenario. It has been proved outstanding for them and made their task very easy. Now, they have to only hide information about their wrong-doing. Because they have full ownership on every resource of information, they are able to impose a eye, after manipulating information. And our whole effort of betterment of society has confined to bring reality at platform. I don’t know innocently or in planned fashion, you are helping them to stop information about deprived class from coming forward.

No doubt, both Arvind Adiga and Danny Boyle have done fabulous job to select their side. But unfortunately they are unsuccessful to put soul in their creation. Because they have seen India with imposed eye which has been imposed by our ruling class. Means, with a sense of shinning India. Of course India is shinning for them (ruling class).you can see oofy personalities, who are giving gift of rupees four hundred crore to their better half on birthday without any feeling of shame (this amount can change fate of millions of people). But what about us! We aren’t able to greet even with single flower to our beloved because scared of moral police, including your Bal Thackeray’s party also. They can insult us on any crossing in limitless fashion.

Our ruling class has got success to trap world-community, to percept India as a conqueror after doing huge struggle. ‘Balram Halwai’ in ‘The White Tiger’ and ‘Jamal Chai wala’ in SM are (representing) India in their view. Arvind Adiga and Danny Boyle have seen India with winner’s eye and how much duo are biased, forced to prove it, you can see easily in both form of creation. Both characters have got many dramatic favours which is unbelievable to reach only at winning destination. Balram Halwai becomes entrepreneur after committing a murder (in normal case, a common man takes every responsibility of power’s wrong doing) and Jamal becomes strong, smart and fluent in English language after falling of rapid running train. Here, we aren’t getting any subsidy from any aspect of life/struggle.

Specially, Danny Boyle is very diplomatic to show Indian crisis. His slumdogs aren’t real. They are confident, have good looking-charming face and they have no tension of basics. Rather there should be a type of fear of power, cough (tuberculosis), eyes inclined inwards, a terrible hunger, a lifetime struggle of basics. Boyle’s characters are looking like wicked, clever who belong to ruling class and have done smart make-up to divert those wishes who want to understand reality. His childdogs are reading three musketeers and here children haven’t seen face of school even, after various lollypop of worthless governments. In a scene of SM, when a policeman runs after both children, Jamal and his brother with abusive language, suddenly their mother emerges in scene and says sorry. What happens, do you know? Surprisingly, police person goes to return. Sir this isn’t a real case at all. Common people don’t want to face them ever in their life because they (police) are the father of moral police, what I have mentioned earlier.

So, I want to say here, creating poverty, making us poor should be in discussion not to show it. Culprits are treating poor people then they have no any problem and if he has explained, they are furious. Rather, it should be appreciated because it is a tool of democracy to get attention for deprived class. And if you have any problem with foreigners, you should take initiatives. If you don’t, please don’t divert innocent people. For your kind information, majority of that class are illiterate, they haven’t time to think deeply- what is good and bad for them. So, they follow you innocently (so why you are a big figure and eating hazmola frequently). You can’t do anything with the name of rights and duties which have been mentioned in our constitution. You have some invisible onus as well, because your single statement leaves a big impact on Indian innocent cognition and you are supposed to understand it.

Thanking you,

Kundan Pandey

Varanasi (U.P.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Agony of my first by-line

The ‘Kirit Parikh committee’ is set up to recommend a fuel price policy, is due to submit its report on today (February 3). It is believed that this committee wants to make petrol and diesel pricing completely free of government intervention. The panel has recommended only six cylinders annually to a household. If additional cylinder is needed then it would cost double of the rate of a cylinder which is now priced at Rs 300 for 14.8 kg LPG.

Before two days, on Monday, my first by-line appeared on the very same issue but with different angle. I focused on the commercial uses of these LPG, subsidized for common family. I found while reporting that situation was worst than my expectation. Do you know guys; not a single shop I found where authorized commercial cylinders were being used. Not for show even.

One of civilians, whose version has been included in my report, lamented over the stringent rule of applying for refilling the cylinder after at least 21 days from last delivery date of cylinder. He complained a lot, but one line in those would be pertinent here that whenever a crisis appears, administration imposes restrictions on the common man instead of those who are illegally involved and are one of the main cause of the existing problem.

An interesting fact that these days a lot of hues and cries are on the surface related to the LPG crisis and administration is continuously promising to remove the crisis and to take stern action against illegal uses of LPG. Seeking version for my story, when I talked to Assistant Food Controller, Vivek Saxena, what he stated, have been written in the story. Apart from this in the response of his question, I detailed him with the proper addresses, of the places of illegal uses of cylinders. (It could be seen anywhere without giving special effort through our naked eyes). He befooled me after saying that we are going to start a drive again to stop such uses from very tomorrow. I realized from his extra-sweet treatment for me but at that moment my enthusiasm was not ready to heed anything apart from by-line.

Friends, it’s quite heart-breaking that not a single LPG cylinder had been lifted from the market due to my first honest effort. When I am passing through those shops where I went for survey, they are treating me with very dread smile. And now the latest buzz, Kirit Parikh committee’s recommendations…………….