Monday, December 20, 2010

PM statement shows how far politcal brass from reality

How far our political fraternity is  from the reality was seen today, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was addressing the 83rd plenary session of All India Congress Committee.

Though, Mr. Prime Minister covered all the issues which have got attention of media now days including rampant corruption, communalism, international relation with various countries and all.

Citing various achievements of the Congress-led UPA government, he said that almost all children of the country have brought to primary education with the help of Right to Education bill, tabled by his government. Now his government would focus on secondary education for marginalised people.

This statement depicts the present scenario of rapidly developing India. It coveys, the entire political brass has gone far from the reality. Where the central government is lauding itself for bringing ‘almost all children’ of the country to primary education with the help of that bill, I can firmly say that the bill has not brought any significant change on the ground.

Those, who were unable to attend schools due to their penury, are still outside of the gate of school.

Dr Manmohan Singh emphasised over few other issue which were sounded will. Like, he said that he would be happy in presenting himself in front of Public Account Committee (PAC), presently headed by BJP senior leader Dr Murali Manohar Joshi. He said he has nothing to hide. He refused opposition claim that PM does not want to face probe so he did not permitted for Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). Notably, it is the only legal authority which can call Prime Minister for questioning.

Secondly, he mentioned Russia first in his speech over international relation of the country and said that they were further work to cement the relationship with the time-tested friend. Though, visit of Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev to India, which is going to commence from Tuesday might be a reason for the comment.

He said that all South-Asian countries should work jointly to remove poverty, illiteracy and other such things instead of fighting to each other. Undoubtedly, he was indicating towards Pakistan.

About high inflation rate, Dr Singh said that he understood the problem of common man and his government would give his best to bring inflation rate to five percent till coming March from more than nine percent going at present.

Talking about the surge in corruption at present, he promised that his government would bring all culprits to the book without taking care of their position. They might be political leader or government officials, he added. It also sounded good.

Few noteworthy points in his speech are he spoke in English and Hindi as well, alternatively. He mentioned all welfare schemes brought by his government. He demanded help from Congress workers to remove corruption as well as in the better implementation of these welfare schemes. And last but not list, his Hindi dialect was not better then AICC President Sonia Gandhi.


  1. thanks for providing information about Prime Ministers speech very earlier is pace ko banaye rakho aajtak ko phel kar diya.

  2. Bahar Dhoop me kaam karna itna hi kathin hai jitna asaan hai Mancho par bolna..........manch ki bhasha manch tak hi rhti hai Kundan bhai.